Welcome to Shady Timbers!

Hi! We’re here at Shady Timbers. I just absoloutly love it. It has fruit trees, forest, a little prarie, and a stream out back.Since we moved here, we have been working on the house, the coop, a doghouse for one of our dogs named Zin’rokh destroyer of worlds. Bear is an inside dog and probably will stay that way for the rest of his life. In reality Zin is bigger than Bear.

One of the new games me and my siblings have made up while we have lived here is a song-game called “Cover the Coffins.” It is really fun and kind of rowdy, too. But we love it. And it is great.

Hope you liked this post!

By Davian Koren

Feeding Rabbits Without Pellets

Currently I am working on weaning my rabbits off of pellets and onto wild edibles and garden fresh greens and hay.

I’ve been researching for a while on this topic, and found that not only is it possible to feed rabbits with plants from your backyard, it’s feasible! Many of the things that are edible for them are already growing. It’s just a matter of harvesting it.

Here’s a list of the things I am currently feeding my rabbits, supplemented with pellets (I’m still weaning them off) and alfalfa hay:

Grass (just from our backyard.)

Comfrey (not wild, but easy to plant and spreads like crazy, high in protein.)

Dandelions (you’ve probably at least heard of/seen these- typical weed.)

Stinging Nettle (good for humans and rabbits- very nutritious.)

I normally will harvest these plants daily, grabbing twice as much as I need and drying extra for winter. I’ve also planted some oats (which should be ready to harvest in the fall) and I’m planning to plant clover and timothy hay within the next couple weeks as well.

My goal with feeding my rabbits like this is to

  1. Feed them organically. Healthier for us, healthier for them. Using chemical free feed is also good for marketing.
  2. Reduce food bill. When I feed them free/cheap weeds and plants, I spend less money while earning the same amount. This means I could spend what I was spending on pellets on other things to improve their life and environment. It also makes it easier for me to expand.
  3. Not depend on feed stores. I don’t like having to depend on others for something as crucial as our meat supply. This makes us more self-sufficient.
  4. Add some flavor! When I look at pellets, they don’t look remotely appetizing. I like to let my rabbits live a little by giving them fresh food and multiple choices of greens.

I will keep you all updated as to how this goes!

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My Chihuahua

I recently was given a chihuahua by a family member. I’m very excited, and I celebrated by sewing a brand new collar for my new dog! Her name is Rona, and pictures are below:

Struggling With Heavy Losses

Lately I’ve been struggling a lot with my rabbit business.

I’ve had 18 dead rabbits in under a week.

All of the deceased were under a 2 days old, a total of three litters gone with no survivors.

How did this happen? The tricky thing is, I don’t know. The only things I’m sure of is that the rabbits in question were born at night and dead by morning. (With the exception of one litter, born at night and dead the morning after.)

One of the does that gave birth is now a proven bad mom, and is going to be dispatched next time I butcher a round of meat rabbits.

Losing 18 kits definitely put a damper on my mood, but I’m hoping that I can learn from this and not have it happen again. It’s a huge money loss, and also the bunny babies were super cute but didn’t make it, which is also sad.

Praying for guidance and hoping for better results next time.

Feeding Rabbits – Naturally

I’ve been doing some research on feeding rabbits home-grown and foraged foods instead of or supplementing the generic pellet feed.

There are multiple reasons for this.

  1. I like to know what I’m putting into my animals. This way, I would know this and their feed would be organic.
  2. I prefer to be self sufficient. I don’t like to have to rely of feed stores to supply me with what I need.
  3. There are many plants that can provide the same supplements as pellets would, but in this way it’s done naturally with herbs, greens, hay, and more wholesome products.

When I was doing my digging, I found that there are actually lots of plants, some that would usually be considered weeds, and some that are considered scraps (such as carrot tops), that can be consumed by rabbits, and that are even healthy and good for them.

Here’s the diet I came up with (to be supplemented with a small amount of pellets):


  • Alfalfa Hay


  • Dandelion (Greens and Flower)
  • Chickweed
  • Kale


  • Beet Greens
  • Carrot Tops
  • Cucumber Leaves
  • Dark Lettuces (Romaine, Red Sail, Butter Crunch)
  • Radish Tops (including sprouts)
  • Turnip Greens
  • Plantain
  • Lemon Balm
  • Comfrey


  • Zucchini (and other squash variety)
  • Calendula
  • Rose
  • Chicory
  • Mint (all varieties)
  • Sage


  • Apple
  • Carrot

Though it is a lot of work to have to harvest feed daily, I think it will be worth it.

My plan is to gradually wean the rabbits off of their pellets, slowly adding more and more of the above plants into their diet. (If you change their feed too quickly, it can make them sick, and can even result in their death.) For wintertime, I’m going to dry extra of the greens and herbs to be able to use in the cold months.

Most young rabbits are unable to eat greens (gives them bad diarrhea and potentially death) so weanlings and young will still be given mostly alfalfa hay and pellets.

I’m very excited to be trying this new method of feeding, and if it goes well I plan to use it as long as I can.

Stay tuned for more posts on progress with this project!

Worldly Distractions

Have you ever thought about what you’re missing out on? I mean when you’re on your phone, ipad, or laptop, spending time on social media or binge watching youtube or tiktok, do you think about what is happening around you that you’re missing out on?

I have.

Me and you, we are missing out on the birds chirping on the trees right outside our doors. We are missing out on the people around you, real interaction instead of just faces on a screen.

We are missing out on time with God.

I’ve thought about this a decent amount lately (partially due to my siblings reminding me, and my physical health), and I realize that I have been spending at least 2 hours on my computer on a daily basis.

That is a lot of time on a screen when you think about life outside of the computer. That’s a lot of time that I would sure rather use spending to with Jesus.

I think what put this on my heart was when a speaker at my church said, “You can’t just keep praying to God to give and give and give when you aren’t giving back to Him.”

What is it that you aren’t giving when you ask to receive? For me, my flaw is my time. I am not giving God time like I ask Him to do for me.

You can see that this works in human relationships as well. You have to both give your time to each other in order for your friendship to flourish. It cannot be one-sided.

I am challenging myself and others to get rid of what is getting rid of Him. For me, this means that I will, from now on, limit my computer time day to day. Eventually I may get it down to half hour.

What is your challenge? Are you scrolling for hours? Are you too busy with what is happening in the world that you are losing sight of Him? Reflect, and pray for guidance as I am now so that you can get closer to the One Being that truly loves you.

DIY Cardboard Car (For Toddlers)

It was one of my relative’s birthday today, and I was looking online for homemade birthday gifts for toddlers (she’s turning two) and I saw this cute idea for a cardboard car.

Cardboard Car (Side View)

I made it relatively easily with an old box, markers, and some packing tape. It was a hit!

Cardboard Car (Back View)

It’s an easy DIY gift for beginners. I encourage you to try it out!

Today’s Truth

John 8:32 | John 8 32, John 8, Scripture

At a bible study I’ve been attending, our lead teacher brought up a new topic to discuss.

The subject was: Truth.

Are there many truths? Can you make your own reality? Can you decide what is true and what is false?

Many of the students in my group replied (after a long pause), “Well… Yes and no.”

What does this mean? There are some things that are simply a matter of perspective, such as the best flavor of pie, or that the best type of ice cream is chocolate instead of vanilla. There are some things, however, that no matter how you twist it or turn it that will always remain with the same answer.

I feel that nowdays many are not living in truth anymore. I’m not talking about the relative truth. I mean the unchanging.

Over 2 million american citizens now identify as trans-gender as of August 2023.

Is this the truth? Are we really able to shape our own reality? To be our own god? That last thing I said may sound crazy, but think about it. If you decide that you can make truth, that you control reality what does that sound like? What mere human could possibly do that?

No matter how much you may want to change it, no matter how much you think that you can be something you’re not- it’s just that. You’re not. You aren’t a cat. You aren’t a fairy. You aren’t the opposite of what gender you were born as.

You are you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made- just as you are. You are a child of God- created in His own image. What more could you wish for?

Hold onto the truth. The unchanging, everlasting truth. Because you are who you were made to be. God created you for a purpose. He doesn’t want you to hurt your body trying to make yourself something you’re not. He doesn’t want you to lie to yourself because you’re depressed and unhappy with your life.

Hold onto the truth.

I’m praying for all of you as are many others. You are loved. Just the way you are. Don’t try to change the beauty God has given you. You don’t need to alter your features for the world.

You’re beautiful. Just the way you are.

God bless you all.

Until next time, keep seeking the truth.

Charlotte Petite ~ A Bruised Bunny

I wrote this story as a humorous fiction with the prompt of using anthropomorphism. (Please notice: any names or links are made up and therefore inaccurate)

Charlotte Petite ~ A Bruised Bunny

In the dawn of a bright morning last week, a certain beloved Charlotte Petite of the Carrot Regime was assassinated by Loki Slyh, a fox with multiple previous records of homicide.

“It’s an uproar. Bunny killings all across the country, and of course senator Juss E. Kale is furious. Slyh deserves the death penalty, that’s for sure!” says Official Buns.

Petite was found dead at 9:23 a.m. by her neighbor Spin H. Eater in her garden patch, with only bones apparent.

“I mourn the loss of dear Charlotte,” the old gardener said at her interview, wiping a tear from her eye, “And I don’t think I’ll ever meet someone again quite like her.” (Ms. Eater will be counseled by Thin Kofcarrot for trauma.)

Loki Slyh was found guilty on his trial last night, and when questioned on his motives, he gave a sly grin and said, “Ever had rabbit stew?”

He has been sentenced to a lifetime in prison as well as a hefty fine of $123,456, half of which will be donated to Petite’s relatives.

Petite leaves behind 58 children, 82 grandchildren, and 46 great-grandchildren. They all grieve for her loss. Her husband is reported to have disappeared while foraging a few months before her death, which has aroused suspicions of another murder, but evidence has yet to be found to prove so.

Eaten Insurance will be providing a home for her latest kits as well as food and other provisions if needed.

Charlotte Petite’s Funeral will be held this Tuesday 4:30 pm at the Bunny Baptist Church in Preytown, a salad bar lunch will be provided. Give her family love and prayers, show you support by attendance to her grief-stricken family and friends.

Visit RabbitNews.carrot for more information. Article by Hamster Huey

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